Dear 12 Club Member,


This year we are communicating with our members via email.

Our email address is:

You can email us when you need to claim your benefits or with any questions may have.

Please help us keep our records current by letting us know if any of your contact information changes.


We also have a new mailing address:


12 Club

c/o Debra Simmons

170 West End Ave #19J

New York, NY 10023


Please mail in your check or give it to one of your 12 Club representatives:

Debra Simmons, Ann Schoen or Gary Boyarsky.

Our dues are still $35 per year and the benefit is $165 per week when on “no-pay”.

Deadline for enrollment is Friday, March 31st, 2017.





Debra Simmons









2017 – 2018


1.    Purpose 


The “12 Club” was established to financially aid members who become ill or injured for a prolonged period of time. 

The “12 Club” is an independent, non-profit organization and is not a part of Disney, ABC Inc., or NABET-CWA.


2.    Membership Eligibility 

In order to join the “12 Club’’, an applicant must:


  1. be a permanent employee of ABC, Inc. collecting full pay in their job classification, and

  2. be a member of NABET 16, and


c.    be gainfully employed and not receiving payments from ABC, Inc. due to illness or injury, and


d.   be under the age of 65.  A person may continue membership past the age of 65, if that person was a member for the five consecutive years prior to becoming 65 years of age.


e.   Members who allow their membership to lapse shall be considered new members when they join the “12 Club’’ again.


  1. An ABC, Inc. employee/NABET 16 member who has not joined the “12 Club” for a period of 10 years will no longer be eligible for membership.


g.   Membership dues shall be $35.00 for the year April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.



3.   Payment Eligibility


a.    A new member must be vested in the “12 Club” for one year to be eligible to receive payments.


b.    New company hires of less than three years from their hiring date may collect benefits in their first year of membership to the club.


c.    To be eligible for payment, a member must be able to present satisfactory evidence of genuine disability due to illness or injury.

      It is the member’s responsibility to provide evidence of no-pay.


  1. Any illness or injury for which treatment was recommended or rendered by a physician within six months prior to the effective date of joining the club, which is April 1 of any year, shall become payable nine months later on January 1 of the following year.


4.   Payment


  1. The current payment of $165.00 per week begins when a sick or injured member goes on no-pay.

  2. Payment will be made no sooner than the fourth week of no pay. Benefits will then be distributed on a monthly basis.

  3. Payments are not automatic and members must submit a written request and proof of sick leave each time benefits are requested.

  4. A maximum of 12 weekly payments will be made in the following manner:

During the twelve-week period, $165.00 will be paid for each week that the member is on no-pay.


  1. Payment will only be made for full-week absences.  Single-day illness or injury days will not be paid.

  2. No member shall receive more than the maximum number of payments for any one period of illness or injury.

  3. A member must return to work for a period of nine months before another claim can be made for the same illness or injury.

  4. All claims submitted for the year 2017-2018 must be submitted within 6 months of the last day of the club’s fiscal year, March 31, 2018.



5.   Governing Committee


  1. The “12 Club” governing committee shall be comprised of the following members:

      Debra Simmons, Ann Schoen and Gary Boyarsky.


b.    In order to be a member of the “12 Club” governing committee, a member’s dues must be paid for the current year.


c.    When a governing committee member wishes to resign, a replacement will be chosen.

    The new committee member must be approved by a majority of the existing committee members.


d.    A majority of the committee is necessary to change the rules of the club. If a majority of the committee cannot be assembled, those absent may vote by written proxy.

    The absent members will be informed of the new business.

     Within a period of one week after receiving the information, the members will be allowed to vote on the new business.



6.   Meetings


  1. At least one meeting will be held each year to formulate club policy or practices. An agenda will be presented prior to each meeting.



7.    Changes


a.   The committee has the right to change the payment plan, even if payments to a member have begun. 

       A majority of committee member votes will be required to change the payment plan.  Changes will be made when necessary to avoid insolvency.


b.   If cut backs in payments become necessary, members who have received the most payments will be cut back first.


8.   Banking


a.   All monies owned by the “12 Club” will be kept in the A.B.E. Credit Union.


b.   The signatures of two committee members are required for withdrawals of funds from the “12 Club” account either for payment to members or for supplies to operate the club. 

       The signatures of one committee member and the authorized A.B.E. Credit Union representative are also acceptable for withdrawals.


9.   In The Event The Club Disbands


a.  All monies credited to the “12 Club” account will be divided equally among the current membership of the fiscal year in which the club disbands.


b.   Monies must be distributed to members no later than six months after the club disbands.


c.  Prior to any distribution to members, adequate monies will be escrowed to pay members who are already receiving benefits.